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Compagnie Anonyme Méridionale Ltd



The CSL ( Company Special License ) offers several advantages ( fiscal, social or for expatriates )

It's a resident company in  Seychelles which benefit of a low rate tax of 1,5%  on his worldwide income .The regulation is the   CSL , Act 2003.

The  CSL ( Company Special License ) benefit  of the treaties of no double taxation.
A this date, the  Seychelles Islands have  signed treaties  with China , Indonesia, South Africa ,Oman and  Zimbabwe .
Other countries  are in negotiation progress like   Thailand, Malaysia ,Russia, Viet Nam, Egypt, Botswana, Tunisia, Cyprus, Mauritius, Czech Republic, Malta, India, Philippines, Ivory Coast and  Qatar

The CSL ( Company Special License ) allow  resident permit for his operator in certain conditions.
However, it's to note that in  case of a  CSL located in the International Trade Zone, the residency is  guaranteed  for the operators, their respective family and expatriated  staff.

The CSL ( Company Special License ) are subject to the following   conditions  :
2 shareholders minimum,
2 directors (  physical persons)
1 secretary, which is mandatory  resident

the identity of the directors, shareholders or beneficial owners is communicated to the Authorities but not disclosed to the public.
The opening of bank account can be done in  Seychelles or in other countries.


A  license will be granted to the company for the following activities, for example
:holding company,
marketing company,
franchise company
company to hold intellectual or artistic properties
human resources company,
headquarters  company,
offshore banking
offshore insurance.

The time frame to the set up is 15 days after the deposit of the application



Compagnie Anonyme Meridionale Ltd